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A delinquent punk + a psychopathic demon= hawt yaoi!

YxH is only rough love

Dedicated to the smexy couple HieixYuusuke
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Do you like Yu Yu Hakusho?

Do you like Hiei and Yusuke?

Do you like them together? Then this is your place!

This community is basically dedicated for fans who like Hiei/Yusuke. Who can resist? C'mon they're a hot couple! Here we encourage fans to show the love and open for anything Hiei/Yusuke. To maintain this community friendly there's a few rules to follow, nothing overbearing but enough to keep the peace intact. We want to have fun don't we?

Community Rules

-No bashing, that's never fun.
-All Hiei/Yusuke fanfics are to have a proper format:

Warnings: --such as spoilers, hentai, lemon, death, etc.

large posts under lj-cut or link it to wherever it is.

-No plagerising people's fics or stealing fanart. Please don't do it, it never ends pretty.
-Fanart, icons, images, banners under lj-cut.
-Offtopic posts aren't really allowed, we won't ban you but we'll give a warning.
-Can you pimp a community? Sure as long as it's Yu Yu Hakusho related.

Now let the Toushin and Jaganshi madness ensue!

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