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MW [userpic]
Hot, loud and phycotic
by MW (moonwolfahou)
at March 7th, 2008 (06:49 pm)

current mood: crazy

Thats how it should be. hehe.
Hi all, im new to this list, although NOT new to the fandom or pairing. 
Would you believe me if I said I only joined Livejournal 8 months ago and so its taken me a bit of time to source out my old loves.
And HxY is one of the major ones.
I mean come on! They are both sexy as hell, powerful, dont give a shit attitudes mixed with loyalty and noble attitudes (well that or a love of fighting).
I admit to not being able to see Hiei as uke in any situation, not that I dont enjoy fan media of that persuasion, just that I cant really see it.

Anyways, I notice not much activity on this site, so I thought id drop a line, see if I can get members interested.  I have a few Questions.

Does anyone know of a scanlated Doki Doki (in full).   Also an original doujin raw for sale?
Also is anyone interested in starting a chapter by chapter round robin for HxY fanfiction?  i.e. one person starts and each person in order of their number writes the next chapter.  It would be interesting to see how each person evolves the chacters, settings and SMUT!

Anyways, thats all.